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  1. welcome to the forum of Wpsubcribers.com
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  14. READ FIRST : things to KNOW about WPSubscribers
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  29. Exit Pop vs on Page optin box... Effective or a Waste of time?
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  33. speed up wordpress site ( part 2 )
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  36. [Fr] Comment insérer un formulaire Aweber dans WP Subscribers ?
  37. [Fr] Comment insérer un formulaire MailChimp dans WP Subscribers ?
  38. Pop up form display
  39. Best Social plugin for wordpress
  40. What is CSS for labeling fields?
  41. Using <textarea> in a HTML Exit Pop-Up
  42. Opt-in Pop Downloadable Document Issue
  43. Creating Pop-Up Logic
  44. W3 Total Cache and Amazon S3 Cloudfront CDN
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  47. adding extra form fields in a pop up
  48. Aweber + WP Subscribers : problem with “Detect your form code“ (Facebook Button)
  49. Not Saving Changes
  50. Auto Disable not working
  51. having issues with iframes and header optin and custom optin setup
  52. Yikes! Error: email is required
  53. Header not showing up on Home page
  54. WP Subscribers Post Options in Premise Landing Pages
  55. PHP Fatal Error: Cannot use string offset as an array
  56. make more than email and name required
  57. How to get rid of "Powered by WPSuscribers"
  58. CSS for different sections of the popup?
  59. Activated and stopped google analytics + sitemeter working!
  60. launch site wordpress for viral campaign
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  62. listing of emailing and newsletter platform
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  65. popup 3D for wordpress :)
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  67. Problem Gradient in IE and not in Chrome, Safari and firefox
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  69. Form not aligning left
  70. cdn is not working because of wp-subscribers
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  72. Ajouter un formulaire WPSubscribers en tete de chaque article
  73. WPSubscribers affiliate guide , be our affiliate and make money
  74. preview
  75. I can't get my pop-up to display
  76. Facebook Connect not working - both traditional & PHP, site not loading when enabled
  77. Autoresponder for new subscriber!
  78. Problem with pagelines theme and WPSubscribers
  79. How to use the Referral Opt-In Section of WPSuscribers
  80. Persistent Autofills on Custom Form
  81. Templates for Custom Web Forms
  82. Name Field Not Showing Up
  83. Can we use facebook connect for a "regular" optin form?
  84. How to style Sidebar Optin
  85. Adjust Line Height - Having Problems
  86. Opt-in Popup Not Displaying
  87. Comment opt-in subscribe problem
  88. Stats? Where?
  89. Wordpress ultimate list of plugins to install on a new web site
  90. Resizing Custom Opt-In form...
  91. Popup wont close even after signing the form
  92. WP Subscribers Plugin CSS Issue
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  94. custom opt in not appearing
  95. Subscribe to specific group segment for Mailchimp list
  96. Custom form after updating mailchimp.php path to file
  97. custom css help please
  98. Disable The Auto Detail Fill In Feature?
  99. No Error Message If Name is Missing
  100. Disable plugin for mobile users
  101. Horizontal Opt-In form
  102. Cookie law, Do not track , european compliance
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  104. Custom HTML Exit Popup Not Showing Up
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  106. Can't aliine the text
  107. Show popup on click of an image
  108. wordpres plugins used by WPSubscribers team member
  109. Problem With Quick Cache Plugin
  110. Facebook Fucntion -- Need Help
  111. CSS problems with one of my themes
  112. WPSubscribers + MailPress = trouble
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  114. how to show custom background image?
  115. Inegration with E-Junkie
  116. All my forms show up immediatly
  117. Two Issues with Hidden Content
  118. Footer and WP Admin Header Edit Bar Blacked Out - Agility Theme
  119. Nothing work
  120. WPSubscribes Breaks WordPress Theme
  121. Site Home Page Links Don't Work When Previewing Post Opt-in Forms as Administrator
  122. Show custom optin in Thesis Feature box
  123. Popup displays behind Navigation Menu
  124. How to disable for registered users (logged in users)
  125. Face Book opt-in error code:100
  126. Popup in a not wordpress website?
  127. Custom html not show sudden...
  128. Pop-Up not working on posts only home page and archive pages.
  129. Auto Disable not working
  130. Auto Disable Issue
  131. pop up does not work in ie anymore
  132. Compatible with qtranslate plugin ?
  133. Can't Configure Exit Pop-up
  134. On-screen position of Opt-in Popup
  135. Opt-In Pop-up always shows
  136. Every time open new window in send form pop
  137. Admin Bar and Footer Disappearing
  138. other fields Optin Mailchimp predefined choice list
  139. Canvas + WP Subscribers + Digg Digg
  140. How do i upgrade my license??
  141. Disable Mailchimp double-optin
  142. Header Opt-in Form Display Location Options Don't Work
  143. How to place image on left side and text on right side with checkmarks?
  144. How To get ClickBank Refund for WP Subscribers - Tutorial
  145. Resize name and email boxes
  146. Change the size of the name and email dialog box
  147. Add Video in Pop Up?
  148. Change background color for custom exit pop?
  149. Cannot set up optin code (very first step!)
  150. Change redirect page
  151. Integration with Mad Mimi
  152. closing pop up box text appears top roght over menu
  153. subscribers to mailchimp do not get added to my members list
  154. Php connect method not opt
  155. Set up opt-in code not saving
  156. W3 total cache plugin alternative for WPSubscribers
  157. Pop up On Click
  158. WP Subscribers seems to clash with my Wordpress theme product images and pop-ups
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  160. MAXCDN not working with WPS
  161. Opt-in help
  162. Optin failed to recognize input on optin
  163. How To Use Multiple Lists On One Site?
  164. Activating WPSubscribers Totally breaks theme
  165. Mailchimp not working with WP-Subscribers & can't see form to test...
  166. Separate "Comments/Testimonials" page
  167. WPSubscribers Form Based on Author ID
  168. Theme compatibility - RocketTheme, YooTheme
  169. Autoresponder Compatibility - MyMail
  170. WPSubscribers with SendGrid and Amazon SES
  171. Site menu displays through popup
  172. Popup not displaying
  173. Feature Request: Sticky Widget Optin
  174. Post Opt-In Form - change colour of "Your Name" and "Your Email"
  175. Need PHP Code to Display Opt In Form on Limited Posts
  176. 403 Forbidden Access is forbidden to the requested page: /wp-admin/options.php (port
  177. Stops Cache Plugins from working
  178. Pop up flashes, then makes screen go gray
  179. Change name & email labels inside fields?
  180. More Settings - Not There
  181. Apostrophe in Button Text Adds Backslash \
  182. Wpsubscribers kills my Java!
  183. Popup Not loading
  184. Embed opt-in in regular email?
  185. Double Image Submit Button Text
  186. Required Fields in opt in forms
  187. popup Delayed setting problem with theme
  188. Export / Import data in WPSubscribers
  189. Hidden fields not hidden
  190. Website Error When WPSubscribers Activated
  191. Reactivate old customer???
  192. Text on labels on form fields
  193. Problem with setup opt in code
  194. Lost login details for member area
  195. WPSubscribers plugin breaks all JavaScript on page
  196. How to redirect to a thank you page after signing up?
  197. WPSubscribers and custom post type pages
  198. Upgrade from Unlimited license to Developer. How To?
  199. Email only in Opt-in Form
  200. Popups NEVER displaying on my computer
  201. How To Prevent Post Optin Form From Displaying In Certain Category
  202. Is It Possible To Use Header Optin Form Like HelloBar?
  203. How To Integrate Captcha Into WpSubscribers Form
  204. Header Optin Shows In Mozilla...But Not Showing In Chrome Or IE
  205. ''your html form code from your email company'' ?
  206. Soliloquy Pictures Disappear
  207. Replace contact us plugin
  208. WP Subscribers and cache plugin
  209. Migration Problems - Breaks Javascript
  210. Migration Problems
  211. Popup Not Displaying
  212. Custom Opt In Not Showing Recent Changes on Page Where Shortcode Inserted
  213. Templates for Post Optin Forms
  214. Error Message with WPSubscribers plugin with WP!! Plugin crashes, have to reinstall!!
  215. Pop up not displaying on homepage: conflict ?
  216. Making popup opt-in form appear on top of page
  217. Showing custom fields and header text alignment
  218. Excluding specific fields from showing
  219. Increase input width/size
  220. What are "Other" pages? How add pop-up to path?
  221. name & email not showing in pop-up
  222. OptinLinks
  223. How to ALWAYS show the optin?
  224. Getting footer text in-line?
  225. Opt-in pop showing on bottom of the site rather on top, OneUp Parellex theme
  226. Footer disappears, fix not working
  227. Custom form not showing on chrome/ie
  228. Popup is displaying behind the main navigation menu in OptmizePress
  229. Is Mailpoet / Wysija plugin supported?
  230. How to Insert Custom Opt-In Form Into Post
  231. Error: email is required
  232. Running two 'campaigns' on two list - hide one list from the other group.
  233. Submit Popup without Page Refresh/Reload
  234. Issue in Display Location, WPSubscribers didn't save the change
  235. custom form not showing
  236. CSS to adjust submit button padding
  237. only working when admin logged in
  238. How does the referral option work? Examples?
  239. Using WPsubs as 2 step opt-in
  240. Quick reference css adjustments
  241. How to adjust height and width of popup
  242. How to post a form with 3 fields using Get Response?
  243. Show all fields on popup?
  244. Possible to rotate custom opt-ins in sidebar widget?
  245. Remove spacing for form title and content?
  246. WPSubscribers vs Newsletter Plugin Wordpress
  247. ActiveCampaign integration form
  248. Compatible with infinity cache?
  249. Opt-In Popup form - don't show again after close?
  250. Wptouch jquery popup?