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  5. VSO UpDater
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  18. Date Impresion
  19. animated gif resizer
  20. Photo renaming software guide ?
  21. Cpu 100 % ??
  22. Image Resizer command line and SDK options for programming
  23. add a watermark to your photos with Light Image Resizer
  24. How to add a watermark in your images with Light Image Resizer
  25. reduce photo to a given file size
  26. software supporting webp format
  27. Should EXIF tags have formatting when renaming files?
  28. Add border to images - tutorial
  29. Comment faire pour redimensionner et compresser plusieurs photos à la fois
  30. multiple image resizer
  31. Out of memory.
  32. Bugs when editing text watermarks!
  33. Light Image Resizer Translation
  34. ZIP different than Create Copies
  35. Unable to write to server folder
  36. Image Resizer portable version
  37. image resizing api library programming command line with Light Image Resizer
  38. How to get rid of this program
  39. Beta of Light Image Resizer
  40. Translations Light Image Resizer 4
  41. Installer without the extra stuff?
  42. Light Image Resizer and side offers , ads problem
  43. vso image resizer for mac ( or light )
  44. (Request) Thumbnail Preview?
  45. Selection of several profiles (batch processing)
  46. Help with make a CD Cover?
  47. Watermark Rotation cannot Reset
  48. best free jpeg compressor
  49. Created PDF results in blank pages in Nitro PDF & Nitro Reader
  50. 2 options on W7 context menu
  51. EXIF information incomplete
  52. resize multiple images to 4:3 ratio
  53. Propositions pour les versions à venir
  54. Resize Replace Originals - Deletes to Recycle Bin?
  55. Loading Metadata Failed
  56. Mac compatibility
  57. [Suggestion] Option for disabling the "Poor output quality" warning is needed!
  58. How to backup Light Image Resizer profiles
  59. After resize memory problems.
  60. date stamping
  61. Unlock key code
  62. Impossible d'ajouter des mots clés après redimensionnement des fichiers
  63. New: PNG optimization with Light Image Resizer
  64. encountering bug: access violation, exception error
  65. How does the DPI setting affect the print size?
  66. Trouble viewing Light Image Resizer PDF from Mac
  67. Resize original
  68. photos fade out, saturation issues
  69. [Problem] Light Image Resizer and Right Click
  70. time stamp removal
  71. Image Resizer right click not work - de / en
  72. Set short/long side to...
  73. Prevent rotation when resizing
  74. How to adjust lighting in images?
  75. Light Image Resizer alternative for MAC
  76. Light Image Resizer does not ask for the name of saved profile :(
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  79. Server Threw An Exception
  80. 4.5.4 hanging for me.
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  88. How to change to YYYY-MM-DD format for %X-Date
  89. Light Image Resizer mode Retarget (seam carving)
  90. Does crop work?
  91. Response from support
  92. Multipage Tif files not processing additional pages
  93. Bug display on Windows 8
  94. Bilder mit Light Image Resizer verkleinern und konvertieren
  95. Error Version
  96. Love LightImage Resizer - hate Malware it installed on my system
  97. Add new image format : BPG
  98. Default Settings on Resizer
  99. "The handle is invalid" What can I do about this?
  100. Error when processing
  101. command line /Mask not working in v4.7.2.0
  102. Can I adjust brightness and contrast?
  103. Save resized only when smaller file size
  104. Error processing Watermark - Unable to render font
  105. nag screen on exit
  106. license not saved
  107. How to really exclude images from resizing?
  108. Loading errors
  109. Want all images same width and height
  110. Watermark no longer positions correctly
  111. activation
  112. How to suggest new options?
  113. Download link latest v4 Version
  114. Drag & Drop Context Menu
  115. Bug with image watermark rotation
  116. License status problem...
  117. Please add New OPTION - CROP (SUGGESTION)
  118. Copyright saving fail
  119. Download detected as WS.Reputation.1
  120. Light Image Resizer flagged as malware, virus or trojan
  121. Ligne de commande
  122. recurring problem with each new update
  123. Watermark Background in version
  124. License deployment
  125. Lack of file support is rendering LIR useless
  126. Handle multiple images from Windows explorer
  127. Images unable to be viewed after resizing
  128. How can I save the Product Key
  129. Licence
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  132. Enlarging Question
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