View Full Version : how to show custom background image?

Noemi Martinelli
10-26-2012, 06:17 PM
hello, i've tried to rapidly make my first popup,
i've purchased wpsubscribers because i needed firstly: a popup that load fast, not disturbing the loading of my entire blog here at http://www.lesmondaines.com
and secondly and the most important for me, a popup that doesn't appear to thoses of my readers woho are already subscribed (Aweber doesn't have this option, i believe).
I think that your plugin makes these two things, thanks for that.

BUT, i'm not a super CSS-girl, so can u tell me how to add a custom background image to my pop-up. i've successfully copy my web form html-code in the popup editor, but i don't understand how to include my custom image background: i've made this:

{ background:url('http://www.lesmondaines.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/popupLesmondaiens.png');width: 478px ; height: 348px; padding-top: 120px;padding-left: 220px;}
i thought it would work, but no...
if someone has an idea of what's missing, it would be fresh..:o