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06-27-2011, 10:56 PM
Gps Stone v2 is the first official iPhone app from ObviousIdea.

here is the app description page

GPS Stone (http://www.obviousidea.com/iphone/gps-stone-trip-recorder-and-tracking-for-iphone/)

08-02-2011, 01:17 PM
OK, this is the closest thing to a proper ORR (Open Road Race) Rally GPS
I've found! Bravo!

Suggestions which would make even better for my sport (see www.sscc.us for
info about that):

A 'button' on the screen so the Driver or Co-driver could press it and the
data would have an extra bit 'Waypoint N' where N would start with 0
(starting line) and the last would of course be the finish line :-)

A function that would tell the application - I'm at the starting line ready
to start (we start on either the top of the minute or the 30 seconds into
the minute) this would tell the software - when my GPS time hits the next
minute or 30 second mark log the time and start all functions.

Once way point data has been created allow it to be exported in comma delimited fashion so it can easily be imported into an editor (or excel), edited, and then uploaded back into the iPad/iPhone.

Using the uploaded data run just like a rally car's co-driver - announce the approach of way points (voice synthesis and perhaps a flashing light on-screen).

For extra points add the capability for the Driver to add speed target information - a speed which you cannot go below, a speed you cannot exceed and a target/goal speed. Example - in the 100 MPH target class at SSCC (www.sscc.us) I have a minimum speed of 80 MPH and a maximum speed of 124 MPH - violating either of those speeds will get you disqualified. The race is 90 miles so at 100 MPH target speed my goal is to cross the finish line EXACTLY 54 minutes after I start.

I have been developing a stand alone computer to do this but if you folks
are willing I'll tell you the other functions that would make this the
perfect ORR Rally computer :-)

My next race is mid September, I will be running your software before the
race to capture the entire course GPS co-ordinates.


08-09-2011, 08:47 PM
Hi SCC86

actually you need to have some information about the status of GPS Stone, I bought this program ownership and intelllectual properties from VSO software, but I don't have any developper ( yet ) in full or part time to maintain the app.
it has been republished under the name ObviousIdea and we are happy to collect the feedback but we can't for now to implement new feature.
If you know any developper interested in this kind of topic, it would be great.

Thanks again for the suggestion I agree the waypoint in GPS Stone to be added to the gpx file shouldn't be too hard to add to the program if it suits your special need.