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07-03-2011, 02:07 PM
multiple image resizer is for a batch processing, or a bulk task. it means you will apply the same settings to several files, whatever it is 1 , 2 to 10, hundreds or thousands of picture.

for exemple you can want to multiple image convert , as changing from raw to jpeg, or jpeg to png format. you can also want to add a watermark to all a set of pictures before you upload them online. or before you send pictures by email for a read proof.

for all these tasks about photo processing, you can use Light Image resizer (http://www.obviousidea.com/windows-software/light-image-resizer/) , which is a freeware for personal use.

Download Image resizer (http://www.obviousidea.com/windows-software/light-image-resizer/)

If you need a tool to review multiple image (http://www.obviousidea.com/windows-software/photolikr/) , ObviousIdea has a specific new software ( iPad like interface and iPad partner app )