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07-04-2011, 11:50 PM
I found Light Image Resizer after looking at numerous "resize my jpg" solutions online; the primary reason I went with it is because it could create copies and keep the path in tact.
c:\original\2010\aug 6\*.jpg
could be resized and saved to
d:\copy\2010\aug 6\resized*.jpg

I have ~32,000 photos over 11 years - I wanted to create a smaller backup set of files that could fit on a single DVD or two ( and I also have 20gigs of FTP space to backup).

For my first resize, I had the program resize all my photos to 1024x768 (or suitable aspect.)
It completed, but I came in at around 5GB - just too big for a single DVD.

So, I tried 800x600.
And the program runs out of memory - I think it's running out of memory because it's filling up it's log with "Error saving c:\800\path\*.jpg" messages.
During the 1024 conversion, it did not have the "error saving" messages.

There is plenty of disk space ( 400 GB )

Other errors include "error loading "c:\source\path\file.jpg" and a few skipped TIF's.
Looking at task manager, my 1GB ram system is currently down to 3MB of RAM free (as I try this again.)
I'm running Windows 7 64bit on my home server ( an Intel D510 )

Free memory when starting the program was ~800MB.

When I first had the out of memory issue, there was an option to send an error report but it said it failed to post it to your http server.

07-05-2011, 10:07 AM
Hello, can you post your log file(s)? You will find them here (just enter or paste in Explorer, and it will take you there):

Look for ImageResizer.log and any crash log that may exist (ImageResizer_crash_PIDxxx.log).

If there are several, please zip them.