View Full Version : Change name & email labels inside fields?

Phyllis Wilson
07-14-2013, 09:57 PM
Hello! I can't seem to figure out where & how to make these changes. I want the following to happen for ALL types of forms, so if I have to change multiple php files, that's fine. I just don't know which ones to change and what exactly to change.

1) I want these labels to remain INSIDE the fields. (This is already happening - I just want to change what they say.)

2) I want the "value" for the Name field to be "Your First Name" and for the Email field to be "Your Email Address"

3) I DO NOT want either to be filled in automatically (because it's always the first & last name that gets pulled in and I only want first; plus, if someone wants to use a different email address, they need to overwrite and they end up submitting gibberish.)

4) When someone clicks into the field to enter name or email, I want the label to disappear. (Currently, this doesn't seem to work in Firefox.)

My site is www.wisebluelotus.com

Thanks so much!