View Full Version : WP Subscribers and cache plugin

01-23-2014, 01:53 PM

I'm using WP Subscribers for the popup function and I experience some trouble with cache plugins WP Rocket and WP Super Cache.

With WP Rocket plugin, my popup displays all the time on every pages visited. WP Rocket support tells me that the popup display should be coded in javascript instead of PHP. According to them it would solve the issue.

When I use WP Subscribers and WP Super Cache, the popup displays normally (ie : it follows my settings) but the cache feature is not working. It is as if the cache plugin is deactivated.

I read on the Sticky Post "Read First" that a new version will adress this issue. But this Post is almost 2 years old and it seems that nothing has been done...

Can you tell me how if it is possible to use WP Subscribers and a cache plugin a the same time ? And How ?