View Full Version : GPS stone not recording entire route

02-14-2014, 03:32 AM
Have only tried this app a couple of times and am not having much luck. I set the app to record as I drove along an interstate highway. About midway I stopped in a small town adjacent to the highway where I took a few photos. The recorded track just continued straight along the highway and did not show any deviation and did not capture any of the photos for geotagging. Checking the times along the recorder route there is a 40 minute lapse and it was within that lapse that I exited to the small town and shot some photos. The photos themselves contain the time stamp when they were shot. I did not touch the iphone at any time during the recording. Any ideas???

In my first attempt I paused the recording midway for a few minutes. The recorded map on the iphone did show the entire trip - before and after the pause. However when I emailed the file to my computer the only portion of the recording was after the pause - so lost any geotagging prior to the pause.