View Full Version : Showing custom fields and header text alignment

04-18-2014, 10:21 AM
Hi, I've added a custom field to the optin code page, but how do I get that filed to show up in forms?

Also, I'm having trouble with header text alignment, I see the default demo has the text all in line, i.e.

[name] [email] [subscribe button]

However when I customise the text, my header appears with the text above:


How do I move the text so that it's all in line like the demo?

And, I need to have a custom field 'Your Question' show on this form instead of Name - how would I do that please?

Sorry if these are newb questions - my first time with WPSubs :)

Many thanks!

Jean-Christophe Bisoux
04-18-2014, 12:04 PM

to see in the form your custom field, you must use the "Other fields" in "Setup option code" like this :

Field Title 1, Field Name Value 1

It's imposible for me to say you why it's not in one line with only an image, if you can give an url to see it live ?
Maybe it's a form size problem (not enough big and it's on 2 lines)

If you didn't like the Name field, just don't fill the Name input in "Setup option code" and create a custom field for "Your question"