View Full Version : READ FIRST : things to KNOW about WPSubscribers

03-21-2012, 07:13 PM
as you can read it here :


the ownership changed recently and we are doing our best to provide the fastest support possible. BUT... it is still most of the code we didn't write ourself, debugging, adding new features and understanding how it works and could be change takes time.

when you report a problem, we suggest you read our check list first.

In the contact form : http://www.wpsubscribers.com/contact-us

we suggest to let your web site ( a page to the part which doesn't work )
and also a way to be in touch with you ( skype , facebook chat, msn, gtalk )
My Skype ID is "supermimai", and I m managing the first level of the support, I can't debug everything but I can save time for the developers to help you.

Once we are online in the same time , ( be aware we are based in France Time zone ( GMT+1 ) )
we will initiate a chat with you, or ask for either

- an admin access to your wordpress ( so we could see the option and fix them )
- a connection with http://www.teamviewer.com , which is a nice tool for live desktop session ( support or training)

that's required step and it will save you and us a lot of time to describre problems with words instead of live exchange.