View Full Version : PhotoOnWeb does not create new album under special circumstances

03-23-2011, 03:20 PM

when I let PhotoOnWeb create a new album in a local folder, then delete the newly created album (i.e. delete the whole folder), then let it create the album again, nothing happens. It does not re-create the album - but it tells me that 100% has been pubilshed! :confused:

If I add or remove some pictures inside PhotoOnWeb after deleting the folder, it only handles this newly added or removed ones.

IMO it should check the existance of files in any case when I click on the publish button. At least for local folders, but for an ftp server it would be a good idea, too. Even if it needs some additional seconds.

03-23-2011, 07:40 PM
hi silverwolf,

I agree with you, PhotoOnWeb is full of these kind of bugs, but the truth is we can't touch the program to patch it without making it impossible to be compiled again. it's a long story, but we decided to just make the minimum changes ( like the new version released which doesn't change anything in the binary part, but add a new photo gallery player in javascript )
the idea is to make another program ( maybe web based only ) , for that we work on different part in the same time, and it will take a few weeks for sure.
during this period, we try to keep PhotoOnWeb web site alive ( some people are still happy with it ) but the future will be a much better program, based on the experience of the other products.

in short, I don't think we can patch the program for the case you describe ( the local output regenerated without changes )

bad bad bad, I know, but I prefer to tell the truth, and hope some users will help to build a real better software

03-25-2011, 07:23 AM

Don't you have a developper able to compile this program in your company?
What about working with VSO software developpers who are the guys who develop photoonweb?

03-25-2011, 07:34 AM
hi Yamin
VSO provided us source code and compilation, but .. it wasn't working, because Delphi ( used development platform ) changed a lot in the last years, and nothing has been done to compile photoonweb with latest "unicode" code.
it doesn't change the fact the program is quite out-dated, and that's why we start to redo a different project.
for now, we can compile it , but some crashs in the settings tabs aren't possible to be fixed (even vso didn't succeed to clean the code )

the best to do, is to collect information about what people want, and we will build a different product meeting people expectation.