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06-11-2012, 08:08 AM
GreenCloud help you to cut cost on printing for entreprise, and in the report and stats module, there is a carbon data. Nevertheless, it is still not a full carbon footprinting calculation software ( like Ecometrica (http://www.ecometrica.com/), http://www.figuris.fr/ project in French )

you can also choose an online solution for carbon footprint

http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx (http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx)

Is you know any better software, please drop a comment about it, it will be nice to get your feedback about such solutions !

11-24-2012, 06:08 PM
Hi Everyone, I just want to ask around if there are any users here already. I would want to see some feedback please. https://imagicon.info/cat/13-48/vbbiggrin.png