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07-12-2012, 10:47 AM
Hi Jean, Fabrice and team,

Great plugin here ... I would love to promote it on my blog just really need to get it working properly for my charity fundraising site. I am struggling to get this plugin to work on my site, any help?

You can see I have the code put in a widget at the top of the right sidebar - Facebook Connect Traditional Test, but whenever WPsubscribers plugin is activitated my site does not load properly and my footer text and footer widgets and links do not load:

I put the code on this page here but the button does not appear:
I got it to work once but then after authorising the app when I click "SUBMIT PAGE" the green button on the right it asks to login to wordpress again - the point I am using this Facebook Connect for is so it can create them a wordpress account on my blog to submit their fundraising page

I also tried the PHP code here:

It ends up hanging / freezing on a blank white page:
http://donatesponsor.org/facebook/?session=%7B%22session_key%22%3A%222.AQCXJBgJJHx5p J_N.3600.1342094400.0-722840450%22%2C%22uid%22%3A%22722840450%22%2C%22ex pires%22%3A1342094400%2C%22secret%22%3A%22ux9KyszF z_74kJ5bcv0hvA__%22%2C%22base_domain%22%3A%22donat esponsor.org%22%2C%22access_token%22%3A%22AAAFBKDs 3mB4BANAVVCWZCWrpnYbhZBwnIqWZC5LHViLzI5oYI3ZAGOZCz ZChmy7J3ZC5Io0xFYVtZCHafs8I6ZCXnrjgGVVMOW48XK2CiI7 GaIwZDZD%22%2C%22sig%22%3A%227a0755dd70b060b61d521 46636cdc765%22%7D

Also can you confirm does this PHP method create a wordpress user account for them so they can submit their fundraising page on my blog?

I am running the latest version - 1.53, also latest version of wordpress, using w3 total cache with amazon CDN, VPS.net cloud hosting and Nominate theme by prothemedesigns

What I need the plugin to do is:
- Post message on their wall
- Add their facebook email to my list
- Create wordpress user account for them on my blog so they can submit content

Any help greatly appreciated as have spent ages on this and this charity site is needed to be live for some events ASAP :)

07-12-2012, 01:01 PM
More details - what is happening is that I put in the right sidebar a text widget "Facebook Connect Traditional Test"
and put this code
<fb:login-button size="xlarge" v="2" perms="email" autologoutlink="true">Get Instant Access</fb:login-button>

When I load http://donatesponsor.org/ with WPsubcribers plugin ENABLED - the page does not load properly then no posts load in the middle and my footer widgets/text and links do not load
When I DISABLE the WPsubscribers plugin then refresh the page the posts in the middle and my footer links etc load?

Would appreciate some help what to do?

07-12-2012, 10:17 PM
hi Dave, developers will reply on the technical part, but it is not possible to have both subscription to the mailing service ( mailchimp vs aweber etc.. ) and also create the wordpress user account.
For now, we never create the wordpress user account because it would generate thousands of accounts and it is not really what wordpress is designed for.