View Full Version : New name for Salmon email tracking , Salmonify , Salmonity ?

07-27-2012, 11:58 AM
We are thinking about to change of name for the product Salmon email tracking for Outlook , Salmonify or Salmonity ? any opinion about it ? suggestions

08-04-2012, 10:56 AM
a little bit more about what is salmon email tracker ?
for now, it's a beta plugin for microsoft outlook ( for windows ) from the office suite. it's for people who are running a lot of contacts and using Outlook a lot. it's a productivity tool.

Salmon base name was done to remind the cycle of life of the salmon ( the fish ) , and this has been choosen because one of the feature of the Salmonify is to track emails , create smart reminder, and include some "flash replies" adding a form at the end of your email. this way, users can reply in 1 click , without the need of the boring process of "reply, type a few letters, like yes, no, then hit the send email". it's really interesting for the mobile market, because the way to interact with the smartphone requires to be fast and efficient.

About the tracking part, the purpose is to be able to send an email and define a period for follow up, ( like 2 days ), after 2 days application will remind you didn't get any reply from this email and suggest to resend the email with a smart form.