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04-09-2011, 07:48 AM
Someone contacted me with this message :

you should make a Shell Extension thingie...whatever they're called...where you can right click on a batch of photos and auto-rotate

with Windows 7's Extra-Large Icon View I can quickly see which ones need rotating and ctrl+click to select. then if there were a shell extension to just right-click>rotate that would make my life amazing.

i know nothing of this fancy stuff though, not sure if it's possible.

i guess there'd be the problem of knowing if it were rotation CC or CW that was needed.

04-09-2011, 07:59 AM
first, a little bit of theory to understand how to deal with this case

each digital camera photo contains a data part ( a raw list of pixel with each color, and a various set of compression ) and a meta part, which are some values attached, like the shooten date, the digital camera, the size information - which is duplicated from the array of pixel , but at least very fast and easy to read .. and .. the rotation flag. This rotation / orientation flag, just report how you were handling the digital camera when you take the photo. all recent digital camera reports the 4 positions , normal, CW and CCW ( counter clockwise and clockwise position = portrait mode ) and, the case the digital camera is completely reverted from top to bottom.

Windows Explorer is trying to extract thumbnails from the images as fast as possible.. but since a long time, it doesn't make it right. and so , you may have thumbnails with the wront orientation, while you can open files in a photo editor and see them normally.
It's quite boring, and if you use the "rotate clockwise / rotate counterclockwise" from windows explorer, you can make the things worst, rotating the data part for nothing.

How to auto-rotate the pictures ?

You can indeed use Light Image Resizer to transform each pictures to rotate the data part ( .. under writing )