View Full Version : reduce photo to a given file size

05-20-2011, 06:31 PM
How to use Image Resizer to reduce a photo under a file size ?

for example some forums ask to post a picture with max resolution and max file size ( let's say 100kb )

in light Image Resizer you have the option to define the jpeg quality or size.

Obviously you can't make any photo size to a very small file size, as it is just not possible. you have to match a correct resolution ( width and height of the pictures in pixels ) with a corresponding file size range.

what you need to know is the file size depends on the content of the picture, especially in jpeg format which is a compressed photo format, if you resize a white wall with only 1 subject, it is easier than resizing a picture of a forest, because there are much more details in a forest with trees, leaves etc. than a solid color without complex items in it.

let's speak about facts :

a typical resolution for an avatar could be 140x140 pixels
the file size for this one is 5kb

for the size photo directly from the digital camera, the resolution is 5616x 3744 and the size is 3.22 Mb ( Jpeg from a canon 5D Mark II max quality )

once resized to 1600x1200 , the file size is only 137Kb with a jpeg quality of 90%
with jpeg and quality of 80% ( I would really suggest to use a jpeg quality of 92% if you want the best balance for quality and size of output size ) is less than 100kb