View Full Version : Find your most popular customers and web site using salmon email tracking

09-11-2012, 10:03 AM
We are still working on it, but we can already make a big batch, and request the popularity of the web site of your users / customers.

how it works?

you select a folder
we extract the emails
from the emails, we extract the domain name
Salmonify submit the domain name to Alexa to retrieve the ranking
we sort the domains. and we display the results.

we work on domain, but a lot of people may not use an email with their domain ( for example a blogger which has many web site. )
it would be better to use something linked to the person itself, such Klout.com or Twitter... or similar, but we are still looking at these services.

also, these services aren't free, that's why we put a credit management, so you have credits you need to buy to make your analysis of the reputation of your customer database.

Soon, a video to make a demo of reputation index.