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  1. Add option to have modifications to grayscale/print two-sided to reset after printin

    Mostly, I keep the Grayscale ON and Print Two-Sided ON. However, occasionally, I will print in color and/or single-sided for one item only. I would suggest an option to GreenCloud that will reset...
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    One more thing on the grayscale issue

    Ok - now the grayscale does work, but could you make it "sticky" - I think it used to stay on grayscale until you clicked on it to turn it off. Now it stays off - I'd prefer it to stay ON - or better...
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    Grayscale not working - with latest update

    Hi When I turn grayscale on and then tell GC to print, it quickly changes the grayscale to OFF so that color prints. I'm using a Brother 9560cdw - windows 7 professional. This is with 7.7.50...
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    Do not duplex print if only 1 page

    I just found Greenprint and I love it. I had Fineprint, but I feel Greenprint offers more and the interface is better. I have noticed that if a single page is printed and the Duplex option is...
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