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Thread: Connecting to account hangs indefinitely on first time use

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    Unhappy Connecting to account hangs indefinitely on first time use


    I've installed your application for the first time, and am having trouble getting it to work. On starting the application for the first time, I clicked Connect (i.e. Facebook Connect), which prompted a sub-pane asking me to log in to Facebook directly. I did so and had a few screens asking to approve the permissions the application required. On each of these screens I approved the usage until it was complete. At this point I was back at the Account Selection screen, though no account had been added to my account list on this page.

    Since there was no other obvious path and it was currently selectable, I clicked the Next button which relaunched the Facebook sub-pane asking me to log in again, which I did. Once I did this, the wizard itself progressed to Step 2b "Connecting to the selected account". The status read "The wizard is connecting to Facebook.." which is as far as it gets.

    Closing the application, restarting the computer, trying to log in again, nothing seems to help. Clicking the Facebook Connect button and entering my credentials no longer asks the permission questions, but instead brings me straight back to the "Step 1 - Account Selection" screen with no accounts listed instantly.

    I cannot find a way to progress beyond step 2b. Is this a known issue or something peculiar to my account? May be superfluous information but my password is 16 characters long, not sure if there's some password truncation or something. Complete guess mind, I'm unfamiliar with the Facebook API, but any information I can provide I will do so.

    If you could spare some time to help me with this issue, that would be greatly appreciated.
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