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Thread: Greencloud Printer - Registration through a proxy

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    Greencloud Printer - Registration through a proxy


    We would like to test your application Greencloud printer before considering buying it for several customers of our enterprise. We work for a regional goverment as IT providers, and we are looking apps for printing preview and reduce paper and ink used in printing jobs. We have a proxy that use authentication and your application is not compatible in registration form. Is it possible to have a demo free key for 2-3 desktops, so we can try it well during 1-2 months?.


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    GreenCloud is supposed to use the system proxy, which needs to be configured for HTTP and secure (HTTPS) connections.

    However, if it doesn't work for you, please get in touch with our support, they will help you out:

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    Today was the first time I've heard anything about this program, and I gotta say, I'm very impressed with it. I have a Canon MX410, and that had quite a few programs bundled with the driver. I didn't care for that, considering I don't like to "install" a lot of programs in the first place. So, I removed all my Canon software, and let Windows install a generic driver for my printer. After that, I installed this, and it only took a few minutes to install. First time around, it worked flawlessly with my Canon inkjet, and definitely have plans to continue using it, instead of Canon's drivers. Glad I found it, otherwise I wouldn't have known a thing about it.


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