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Thread: Wpsubscribers kills my Java!

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    Wpsubscribers kills my Java!

    Hey there! :-)

    When I activate wpsub all my other java gets somehow magically turned off. Other Java plugins like "Shortcodes" and "Scarcity Samurai" stop to work. Immediatly. ;-)

    When I turn wpsub off, everthing is fine.

    What can I do to use BOTH? Wpsub AND my other plugins? Thanks and greetings,


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    without an url it's difficult to give an solution
    but can you try this tip if it's the same issue ?


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    Hi JC! :-)

    Thanks for the Reply! :-)

    The Url was -> but I deleted wpsubscribers anyway.
    It produced so many php errors in my log file - it was so "amazing" that Google kicked me out of the index. As it declared all my pages with wpsub on for Error 500.
    I switched completely to hybrid connect, which has much more clean code.

    Thank you really much for wanting to help me! :-))

    Many greetings from Germany!


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