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Thread: Error with Greencloud Printer on Windows 8

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    Error with Greencloud Printer on Windows 8

    I installed the latest offering for Greencloud Printer and I was lucky enough to find version 6.3.0 on the net.
    I am running Windows 8.0 on my laptop and Windows 8.1 on a desktop. The 6.6.0 does not work on either. I was able to get version 4.3.0 and I have no problem using Greencloud Printer again.
    I think some more works needs to be done, until then you may want to remove 6.6.0 until you get the problem fixed.
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    You're right, unfortunately this wasn't found during initial testing. It only happens on Windows 8 with a fresh GreenCloud installation. If you update from an older version, the problem should not occur.

    It has been fixed now, please download the latest version:

    In case the problem still occurs, follow these steps:
    1) In Windows Explorer, navigate to GreenCloud's installation folder C:\Program Files\ObviousIdea\GreenCloud
    2) Right-click on GCPreproc.exe and select Properties
    3) Click on Compatibility tab
    4) Now check Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 7
    5) Click OK


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