Here are some frequently asked questions about GreenCloud:

  1. There was an error during installation. What do I do now?
    First, please restart your computer to process pending file operations. Then uninstall GreenCloud, and restart your computer again. Now you can try to re-install GreenCloud (we recommend to always use the latest version from our website).

  2. How do I update to the latest version?
    Click on the info icon on the top right in the GreenCloud interface, then on "Check for update".
    Alternatively, you can download and install the latest update here: greencloud_printer_update.exe

  3. Why are my options not applied when I create a PDF?
    Some options like the number of copies, gray scale, etc. are only effective for printing. When saving as PDF, these options are not applied. This allows you to decide later how to print the document.

  4. Why does nothing happen when I print a document to GreenCloud?
    Since version a troubleshooter is available. Launch it by clicking "Start", and typing "GreenCloud Control Panel" (or find it by navigating to the ObviousIdea folder). In GreenCloud Control Panel click the "Check" button (Troubleshooting section). This should fix the most common issues.
    If you can't use GreenCloud Control Panel, or are still experiencing issues after running it, please check the following items manually:

    A. Perform these steps to check if the VPDAgent service is set up correctly:

    • Click on Start > Run, enter "services.msc" (without quotes), and click OK
    • Look for "VPDAgent" in the list and double-click it
    • Make sure startup type is set to "Automatic"
    • In case service status is not "Started", click the "Start" button below the status

    Note: If you're using any system tools like msconfig, Autoruns (SysInternals), Chameleon Startup Monitor, etc., please make sure you didn't block or disable the Agent/VPDAgent service.

    B. Check the printer properties:

    • Click on Start > "Devices and Printers"
    • Right-click "GreenCloud", and select "Printer properties", then click "Advanced" tab
    • Make sure the following options are checked:
      - Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster
      - Start printing after last page is spooled
      - Keep printed documents
      - Enable advanced printing features
    • Close the properties by clicking OK

    C. If previous steps didn't help:

    • Uninstall GreenCloud
    • Download, then open the registry file inside, and confirm the prompt (this will remove all GreenCloud entries from the registry)
    • Restart your computer
    • Install the latest version available on our website again

  5. The GreenCloud window is black, or displays incorrectly from time to time. How to solve this?
    Update your graphics driver, or try to disable Direct2D usage: Click on "Settings" on the top right, then on "Advanced" tab, and uncheck "Use Direct2D".

  6. When printing to GreenCloud, it displays an error like "Unable to process print job [...] with spool type RAW". How to fix it?
    First, please make sure you are using the latest version. If in doubt, install the latest update (see question 2).
    If this doesn't help, launch the troubleshooter by clicking "Start", and typing "GreenCloud Control Panel" (or find it by navigating to the ObviousIdea folder). In GreenCloud Control Panel click the "Check" button (Troubleshooting section).
    If you can't use GreenCloud Control Panel, or the problem persists after running it, you can perform the following steps manually:

    • Click on Start > "Devices and Printers"
    • Right-click "GreenCloud", and select "Printer properties", then click "Advanced" tab
    • Make sure "Enable advanced printing features" is checked/selected
    • Click the "Print processor..." button
    • Make sure "winprint" is set as print processor, and "RAW" as default data type
    • Close all dialogs by clicking OK

    In case you still encounter this error message, the application you are trying to printing from might be incompatible with GreenCloud.

  7. Can I rename the printer to something else than "GreenCloud"?
    GreenCloud depends on the printer name, so please leave it as is. Otherwise the application will not work correctly!

  8. Why does GreenCloud show or print wrong characters or symbols instead of readable text?
    There are certain scenarios where this problem can occur, depending on the used application and/or document. First, please make sure GreenCloud is up to date, by clicking the info icon in the upper right corner, and then "Check for update".
    If you encounter this issue when printing PDF documents, this may be due the way the application is handling embedded fonts. Some PDF viewers provide alternative options for text rendering of embedded fonts (often located in the print or general options). If your PDF viewer doesn't offer such options, you can try Acrobat Reader instead.

  9. Is it possible to have a special version of GreenCloud for our enterprise?
    We can provide customized versions of the software to fit your needs. For details, please contact us with your requirements.

  10. Why are options like "Grayscale" or "Print two-sided" reset each time I print?
    If you want GreenCloud to remember the state of these options, please click on Settings (right side in the upper menu bar) and make sure "Respect printer's default settings" is turned off.

  11. How can GreenCloud be installed unattended (e.g. for deployment)?
    Please run setup using the /silent parameter, e.g.: greencloud_printer_setup.exe /silent
    If you want to suppress the interface completely, use the /verysilent parameter.

  12. When installing GreenCloud I have this message "Error #126 The specified module could not be found"
    The following files are required during installation, please check if they exist on your system:

    Windows XP:

    Windows 7 or higher:

    Also check the PATH environment variable, which may contain invalid spaces sometimes. See on how to manage it.
    Correct: %SystemRoot%\System32;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem; ...
    Incorrect: %SystemRoot%\System 32;%SystemRoot%\System 32\Wbem; ...

    Alternatively, if you're on Windows XP you can try to copy framedyn.dll from “C:\Windows\system32\Wbem” to “C:\Windows\system32”.

    Then reboot, and try to install again.