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Thread: Do not duplex print if only 1 page

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    Do not duplex print if only 1 page

    I just found Greenprint and I love it. I had Fineprint, but I feel Greenprint offers more and the interface is better. I have noticed that if a single page is printed and the Duplex option is selected, GP will actually print the single page in duplex mode. This causes issues when I print on letterhead - it prints on the opposite side of the letterhead. I know I could uncheck the duplex option in GP every time I print a single sheet, but I think this is a valid enhancement. Perhaps you could program GP to detect a single page is printing and suppress duplexing automatically. Thanks.

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    Thanks for your suggestion! I think we will add an option to prevent duplex printing for jobs with just one page.

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    The latest version ( has a new setting to override duplex printing for 1 page (see Settings, General tab).

    You can download the update here:


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