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Thread: How to change to YYYY-MM-DD format for %X-Date

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    How to change to YYYY-MM-DD format for %X-Date

    Is it possible to have the date format output for the %X-Date format in the Filename Mask Option be of the format:


    I believe this is the International Date format:

    I like this format as it is less ambiguous.

    The current format is MM-DD-YYY and thus 5-7-2014 could be May 7 or July 5.

    Thank you from a first time user. Great program.

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    Right now it's not possible to change the format for EXIF dates in the filename mask, but we will consider it for a future release.
    Thanks for your suggestion!

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    There's a new version, which allows to customize the EXIF date format. When editing the filename mask, just click the %X-Date tag in the help window, and a dialog will appear to choose the format.

    Download the latest version here and let me know what you think!

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    Hi Phil
    With the latest version, if you try to editing the filename mask with more 1 picture , you can't convert pictures because we have a error message. Name:  Screenshot_1.jpg
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    I editing filename mask with %X-Date[yyyy-mm-dd hh-nn-ss]
    If i add %X-Date[yyyy-mm-dd hh-nn-ss]%N=0 , you can convert but it's a bad filename for me. I haven't two picture with the same exif tag
    Best regards and sorry for my bad english

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    Hi Jack,

    it seems to be a bug. I will try to fix it as soon as possible!

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    It's Ok
    Greatest Phil
    Thank you very much for your speed
    Best regards

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