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Thread: Multipage Tif files not processing additional pages

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    Multipage Tif files not processing additional pages


    I'm evaluating Light Image Resizer and I can't get any consistency on if it processes all the pages in a multipage tif file or if it processes just the first. It seems to be an issue with meta data or header information(guess) because the times it does process all the pages and the times it doesn't, the file size is the same.

    Has anyone else had issues trying to resize multipage tif files?



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    Currently, Light Image Resizer only resizes single-page TIFF files. I'll note multi-page support as a feature request!

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    Add me up here please. People are using multi page TIFF nowadays because of some work load. Is there a work around here yet by splitting them into single pages first?

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    No workaround yet, but I'm implementing support for this. There should be a beta version soon!

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    The latest version available on our website now supports multipage TIFF and also animated GIF images.


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