GreenCloud Printer is a new software project from ObviousIdea
the page product is located there :

but a dedicated domain has been locked for it too : for now it just redirect to the product page of the main web site.

What is GreenCloud printer ?
it is a virtual driver for windows which becomes your default printer to optimize your printing jobs.

when you print, you select GreenCloud in the printer list, then you will see an interface which will be exactly the same whatever the application you will use.
Indeed, each app can implement his own preview or printing options and it is boring to have a different user experience for each app. now, you don't care, you can use greencloud to print from each of your application it will be exactly the same process.

Once you start to print something, GreenCloud will preview you all the page, so you can in 1click only, remove any page you don't think you need to print. It is very efficient for email printing or web page printing. because these kind of printing tasks aren't optimized, and you may by mistake print pages which doesn't contains any valuable and useful information for you. such page footer, ads, or bitmaps.
Don't tell it never happened to you to print a page with 1 line of text ?

that's the purpose of GreenCloud Printer, preview, edit, and reduce your ink , paper, and make easier to share your documents with your mobile devices or with your contacts.

The core format used by GreenCloud printer is pdf. it means it is also a powerful and fast way to create a PDF file from your doc. but not only. you can also immediatly send this PDF file to your favorite Cloud account ( that's why it it GreenCloud printer
For now the software support these formats :
- save as pdf ( local file )
- send pdf by email ( attachment )
- send pdf to your google docs account
- send pdf to ( a very interesting storage service you can manage completely from your browser )
- send pdf to dropbox ( you should know what is dropbox )

Post to be continued.