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Thread: GreenCloud Printer Not Working

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    Question GreenCloud Printer Not Working

    Running Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center & GreenCloud Printer Version

    For about the last month or so, I've been unable to print anything using GreenCloud. The interface doesn't show up after I select 'Print..' then GreenCloud. It used to work fine.

    I've tried to uninstall / reinstall with no success.

    Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this problem. I've reinstalled the latest version of GreenCloud Printer again and am going to search Google.


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    Did you already try suggestions from the FAQ ?

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    Yes, have gone through step-by-step and everything is as it should be as far as the settings and such.

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    Did you install some other software recently, or change something that could be related to the issue?

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    Nope, no changes. It stopped working so I uninstalled it then reinstalled it. That's it. No workie...

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    Finally got it working again. Had to uninstall, then go manually through the registry and delete everything using keyword "greencloud". I rebooted my machine, re-installed, and now everything seems fine except for some reason it cannot any longer log into Dropbox. I get an error saying GC is not authorized.

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    Ok, glad you got it sorted! I think we might add an option to delete all settings when uninstalling to make this easier.

    Dropbox should work once you authorize GreenCloud again. If not, please let me know the exact error message, or better take a screenshot of it.


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