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    Arrow GreenCloud Printer translations

    Our new product is also available in several languages, but as we are using Delphi and Firemonkey framework there is a new tool to handle the translation.

    Note for existing translators:
    Now the template "gcprinter-default.po" is included with GreenCloud in locale folder.

    Creating a new translation
    - Download and install Virtaal translation tool
    - Open the template "gcprinter-default.po" (in sub-folder "locale" within the installation folder) in Virtaal and translate it.
    - Save your translation as "gcprinter.po" in the sub-folder "locale\[LANG]\LC_MESSAGES" (where [LANG] is your language code).
    Example for French: C:\Program Files\ObviousIdea\GreenCloud\locale\fr\LC_MESSAGES
    For dialects, [LANG] will consist of the language code, followed by an underscore, and then the country code. Example for Brazilian Portuguese: pt_BR

    Testing your translation
    - in Virtaal, select File > Export, and save as "" in the same LC_MESSAGES folder.
    - if you print something to GreenCloud now, it should detect and let you select your language (see Settings).

    Updating an existing translation
    - open existing PO or MO file in Virtaal
    - to navigate to untranslated parts only, set Navigation (on top left) to: Incomplete

    Please email your language files (.PO and .MO) to contact [ @ ] and it will be included in the next version of GreenCloud Printer.

    If you have any questions or issues, please contact us by email or post it here.
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