This thread is designed to discuss and clarify the license for GreenCloud Printer.

what is the difference between the free or pro version.

Free version is for personal usage, actually I think it is pretty clear to let anyone decide what is the limit of a free or professionnal. professional usage means you make money from your activity, if you are printing documentation, invoice for your customers or from your providers, it is probably a professional usage.

in the same time, we could consider the pro version regarding the volume of printing documents and frequency of usages. that's why for now, the only limitation available in GreenCloud printer is the max size of a document. For now it is limited to 50 pages, but I don't like this limitation too much, and I would prefer to set a limit of number of pages to be printed per day. We need to set a limit because even pro users needs to have an incentive to buy, otherwise they could use it and claim they didn't know the program shouldn't be used for commercial purpose.

I don't want to put strong limitation because it is a green product, the purpose isn't to make money ( even if development cost a lot and we had to license a SDK to produce the driver and pdf creation engine. ) but also to make a true contribution to save some ressources and avoid useless pages to be printed to save paper and ink ( and reduce waste, CO2 etc etc... )

As any desktop software, we don't want to introduce a renewal subscription ( like an antivirus ) but when you pay at the beginning for a program, you still need to understand we maintain and develop new features that costs to be development. The fair usage is to pay only for major new version, so you could choose to keep your current version ( with free minor updates like 7.0 to 7.1 )

Something which will be limited for sure to a pro version is the upcoming reports and analysis panel. when you could see how much you saved, and graph about your paper usage.

in short, what you would think to be fair to create the difference between the free and pro versions. ( by pro versions I also think about to make different licenses depending on the size of the company, based by profit, numbers of employees or number of computer where the program is used )

what do you think ?