First you need to install GreenCloud Printer:

Now GreenCloud Printer will be your new default printer (if selected during installation).

Open a document you want to print, select "GreenCloud Printer", and click the "Print" button:

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Now the program window will open and you have different possibilities:

Remove unwanted pages
GreenCloud previews your print job before you submit it to your printer. Using the preview of each page, you can choose to remove or add a page by clicking the upper right icon on each page. Just click on it, to toggle the action to print/not print, or double click a page to toggle even faster.

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Pages which will not be printed appear in red.
GreenCloud Printer automatically detects pages with few lines (this can be disabled in settings).

Group pages per sheet
Sometimes you need to print something to take it with you (like a hotel reservation), or to review it (like a contract), or just to archive it. So you could easily print 2 or 4 pages per sheet of paper, it is available by 1 click for this job only with these buttons. You will have a massive saving of paper (divided by 2 or 4).

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Tune your ink usage
The best way to save some ink without any pain, is to turn pure black to a grey tone. It doesn’t affect the overall quality, GreenCloud will detect the colored text and replace it with grey. 100% (none option) will not change anything, and 50% (high option) will be a silver grey tone. We recommend using 75% (medium option) to save ink.

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Duplex printing
Double the saving by using both sides of the paper sheet. A lot of printers have this feature, and are able to automatically print on each side. But most people don’t know how to activate the feature, or would prefer to use it on some jobs only. With the Duplex option, you can activate and deactivate the printer option in one click !

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Do not Print
The most effective way to save ink, toner, paper, trees or money is to not print. That’s why GreenCloud offers various options to directly share your document in PDF format (it will convert it for you), then you can email it, send it to Dropbox or Google Docs. More options are available for corporations, just contact us if you want to plug GreenCloud to your own backoffice.

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Finally, each time you will use GreenCloud Printer you will have the opportunity to save paper and ink and you will be rewarded for it !

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In case of problems please check the GreenCloud Printer FAQ!