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Thread: Running two 'campaigns' on two list - hide one list from the other group.

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    Running two 'campaigns' on two list - hide one list from the other group.

    OK, I have one site with two lists.
    I want to get freebie registrations to sell the membership of the site to new clients.

    I have paying members who are already on the 'paid member list'

    I can see that once a person registers with one list they do not see the popups of optin forms for that list.

    BUT: If a person is signed up to my paid member list, how can I stop them from seeing the optins and popups for the freebie list?

    It is not a problem the other way round as paid members are automatically added to the paid list at the instant of purchase so we actually have no optin forms for paid members.

    The reason for wanting to hide the freebie optin from paid members is that i don't want to confuse members by chasing them to join a list that is of no benefit and, frankly, to get some screen real estate back.


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    Hi Andrew,
    WPS work with cookies to hide the form, the only way is to put the cookie to the paid member (for example on the first page of the member area)
    To create the cookie, find in the source code something like that :

    var COOKIEHASH='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

    the cookie will be
    submitxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the value submitted

    for example if you find
    var COOKIEHASH='6d82898754eec39e7857ef340659de8d';
    create the cookie
    submit6d82898754eec39e7857ef340659de8d with value submitted


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    Thanks for that; I understand the concept but will have to learn how to do it.

    Thanks for the fast response, this is a very useful plugin. When I have the cookie thing sorted I have an idea about using the registration popup and content protection functionality.


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