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Thread: How to post a form with 3 fields using Get Response?

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    How to post a form with 3 fields using Get Response?

    I want to make a form that enables visitors to post a question to me at the same time as they register for my list at GetResponse. How can I do that?

    There would be three fields a large one called 'question' with a free text input box above the usual name and email address fields which I'd want to place horizontally across the page.

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    If you would like to send 2 differents informations (one to you and the other to Getresponse) it's not possible a form send in one direction, or you must develop a script in php with curl but it's not possible directly in WPS
    If all the informations will be send to get response, you must create a custom option form and after that use it on a popup (, the only think, the field for the question is an input not a textarea

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