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Thread: license not saved

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    license not saved

    When I enter my license key on Windows 10, which was required after an update, I get a message that the software has been registered. However, when I re-start the resizer program I do get the same question to buy or register a license. What can I do?

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    Please try this: When entering your key, check the "Apply for all users" option. When clicking OK, you should get a UAC prompt.

    Let me know if it worked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil View Post
    Let me know if it worked!
    Sorry :-(
    It is still not working. Is there other way to solve this problem?


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    Are you sure you are using a legitimate license key?

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    First post on the forum and it's to comment on a bug, not good form I know but I too have the same issue. To answer the question above, yes, I am using a legitimate licence and I have tried both options when entering the licence. The software states it's accepted but doesn't actually save.


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    Hi Kevan,

    please send me your license key in a private message, so I can check the behavior. Are you on Windows 10 as well?

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    We were able to track a lot of these issues down to a key that was given away for free some time ago.

    In fact, with this key the software will unlock, and remove the countdown timer at the beginning. The title bar will say "NON-COMMERCIAL USE".
    It may confuse users due to the dialog still popping up, but you can dismiss it instantly...

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    Same problem here, asks for licence every time. I've tried with the offered beta version but it's the same. I have this free key you mentioned. It is legit.

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    If you have the free license, this is normal behavior. There is no wait time, but still the message at the beginning.

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