I have tried looking around and cannot find any keyboard shortcuts to the commonly used actions in the printer GUI. I know if you hit ENTER it will automatically print the job, but if you want to send it as an email, save as a PDF, etc you must use the mouse to click on the link. I know this does not sound very time intensive, but I got this program SPECIFICALLY because of how smoothly and effortlessly it allows me to print a document to my email program. I do this at least 100 times a day. That, when I have to click on the email icon each time, does add up in time quickly. So, a simple addition of ALT + E for Email, ALT + P for PDF, and so on.

It would also be nice to have the option to have the program close after sending it to Email or PDF, as often times I either print it or send it via email, not both. (the option for each would be even better).

Otherwise, I love the software, and my life and company are much better for it.