I just discovered your program which works very well in general - thank you very much.
I am using the portable version - for the moment unlicensed until I am sure it works well for me.
Until now I used another program to resize sets of files, but I now needed to resize a complete folder hierarchy which it doesn't handle.

The outline:
Windows XP SP3 Pro
Pentium IV 3 GHz, 2 GB memory.
I processor thread used (anyway the only choice is "Auto")
Source and destination are on different partitions on different disks
(250 GB SATA and 70GB SCSI)

I resized (nothing else) 212 files JPEG (typical size 7 MB) to 1024x768 (typical size less than 1MB).
The results are fine, but 37 images were skipped:
"#1 Error loading ..."
There is no difference between these and the others which worked OK (except of course the name!).
Ofetn the same camera, always the same format (JPEG saved by the same programme)...

Any ideas?

Thanks, regards