Every time i've updated to a new version and run one of my batch files that calls the program (resize.exe) I get the same unexpected message prompt about a file already existing (see image below). If i click the X in the top right to abort the program and then re-run the same batch file the conflict message prompt window does not appear (as I would expect)..

below are the key parts of my batch file:

set resize_program=%SystemDrive%\Program Files (x86)\ObviousIdea\Light Image Resizer\resize.exe


I am resizing JPG and PNG files in current folder where the batch file is called from to JPG format.

But on 1st run the program seems to be ignoring the /Dest and /Conflict parameters. I have /Conflict set to overwrite so the file conflict prompt should not appear?

Any ideas?

I tried changing the /Dest parameter to /Dest="%cd%\resized\images\cd" but problem still there.

As i said this only happens once on 1st run of the program. After that everything works great!

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