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Thread: Lack of file support is rendering LIR useless

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    Lack of file support is rendering LIR useless

    In the beginning it was only certain PNG's that LIR would refuse to open, now it is JPGs. I have no problem opening these files in GIMP or Irfanview or ImageMagick or TinyPNG so I'm scratching my head as to why LIR can't open it and am starting to look for and recommend alternative resizing programs as LIR can handle fewer and fewer files these days making me ask myself 'What did I pay for here?'. I've attached a jpg to this thread, I select it or any JPG's in that folder and open LIR only to be greeted with 'No supported files found in Selected folder'
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    The attached image works over here, but it has probably been scaled down by the forum software. Can you upload the original file somewhere, or send it by email: philipp [at] obviousidea [dot] com

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    Sorry, I dn't receive notifications from this forum so I missed this reply.. Same issue still plagues us here, sending you an email now

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    Hello ObviousIdea.
    Yes, I like LightImageResizer. I have been using the unlimited free version on my Windows 7 laptop for over a year. I knew I would actually buy your product (or a subscription) once I upgraded my laptop, which I have now done.
    The new (Windows 10) LightImageResizer doesn't resize some of my photos; it simply "skips" them. (I thus posted on this forum as my problem may be related to Ironbelly's, as above).
    The photos in question are panoramic photos from my mobile phone; they are simple (but larger) JPEG images.
    My "old" (Windows 7) LightImageResizer resizes these no problem. The new (Windows 10) LightImageResizer simply "skips" them.
    I was going to investigate other available programs, but I do like LightImageResizer and was hoping that the problem was an easy one to fix.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance, anyone who knows what is going on . .

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    Hi, and Happy New Year!

    I've sent you a private message with a beta to try.


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