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Thread: Can WPSubscribers Do Squeeze Pages?

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    Can WPSubscribers Do Squeeze Pages?

    It seems to handle everything else. But not sure about how well it can do squeeze pages in Wordpress.

    Here's what I mean by a squeeze page.

    A squeeze page means a page where you send people to subscribe to your email list. They can't get further into your site without filling out the subscription form first. In other words, the only option is to subscribe or leave.

    Squeeze page example. is a Wordpress Theme that handles doing squeeze pages. But it's maybe overkill if you just want to do squeeze pages. In other words it does much more than just squeeze pages. It's like a product launch funnel system.

    I just figured it would be nice if WPSubscribers could have the ability to create squeeze pages and do so quickly and easily. Maybe having the choice of a number of different templates to choose from.

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    what is a squeeze page ? it's a page without element of the main template ?

    what is non-squeeze page for you ?


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