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Thread: Error formatting watermarks

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    Error formatting watermarks

    I have inserted this text as watermark:

    Foto: ph - %Exif.DateRec[dd.m.yyyy, h:nn]% Uhr

    and used this text font for the watermark:

    Font: Bradley Hand ITC, Size: 36

    When I mark the partial text "%Exif.DateRec[dd.m.yyyy, h:nn]% Uhr" and change the font size to 12 (or something else) using the drop down menu, the string itself is correctly changed to

    Foto: ph - <font size="12">%Exif.DateRec[dd.m.yyyy, h:nn]% Uhr</font>

    *BUT* LIR changes the size for the WHOLE string to 12 points (inlcuding the "Foto: ph - " part) instead only for the date and time part.

    Hint: To see all this, the preview window must be opened!

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    very technical one. at least you have put all the details. it will be investigated in the version after the next one.

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    Shouldn't be too hard to fix. As a little workaround for now you can select the whole text and then set the desired font size again...


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