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Thread: Cleverreach and WP Subscribers

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    Cleverreach and WP Subscribers

    german users, you may know and want to use ? Cleverreach for your emailing campaign.

    we can take alook to make a tutorial if you confirm it is a popular service in germany. so we could see how their form can be integrated to WP Subscribers.

    Actually we tried to get some assistance but the fact it is written in german doesn't help.

    you need to be aware they have their own Wordpress plugin
    you can download it from
    but you need an API and list ID , see this doc to get the information

    We could support our own implementation if we have support from the company and also more request from customers.
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    I confirm that Cleverreach is well known. A useful tutorial would be great. I also tested your mentioned Wordpress plugin --> It is useless. I tried already a tutorial from this forum but this seems not to work. Any ideas ?

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