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    Post More Form Documentation - Post Forms


    I suggest to you to make more documentation to realize Post Opt-In Forms and Custom Opt-In forms.
    In particular we need more css examples.

    For post forms email is under name. But if I want in the same line?
    And...If I resize width form, how can I center to page post?

    Ad many more...thanks.

    And it would be great to have post opt-in templates as opt-in popup.

    You are doing a great work.
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    can you give us a sample of what you need, and we will put the explanation ? or you have only your center page question ?

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    Thanks for reply.

    I need (not just me, I think) more skins/design for :

    1) posts opt-in form (like optinskin)
    2) custom opt-in form (generally for sidebar)

    WP Subscribers popup forms have many skin/design.

    Now with WP Subscribers we need css skills to customize forms.

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    Hi Matteo,

    can you send me your URL, I can give you some css tips for your design

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    Sure, my url is this : Azuleia

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    Hi Mateo,

    you can use :
    To have email and name in the same line

    .wpsform br { display: none;}

    to center the optin form

    #ia-optin-form {margin: 0 auto;}


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    It doesn't function for me.

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    Hi there,

    My custom opt-in form has worked perfectly up until the latest update - in fact with every update there seems to be problems and I need to go back and reset all the form settings.

    I am having two problems:the font will not centre in my custom opt-in form - here is the preview so you can see what I mean

    Also, I cannot get the font in the title section to change in any way - I have put the "heading" in the form content section because I can change the appearance of that font but not the font of the form title.

    Thank you!

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    I thought perhaps the .wpsform br { display: none;} that Jean-Christophe kindly supplied might work to enable me to get a horizontal display for the optin form. However, that piece of code appeared to change nothing for me (yes, even after a cachebreaker and hard refresh). It got ignored for some reason.


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