Hello - First off, loving the plugin just having two small issues that I'm sure someone smarter than me can help me figure out.

I am using the "Hide Content" feature and I have it setup great so it hides the content but I'm having two small issues.

Here is the page in question: http://craigchenosky.com/greenlegion...s/2011-photos/

1. My email provider is iContact and when I submit the form instead of just disappearing and unlocking the content, it redirects to a page saying the email was submitted. I took out the redirect hidden field but it still directs to an automatic page on the form submit. Any ideas?

2. When submitted it doesn't remove the form from all the other photo pages (they're all using the same form) and I do have the option selected to do so. Any reason why it wouldn't be removing them?

I can provide more information if needed, just let me know what you need.

Thanks in advance!