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Thread: incorrect font printer ( web email client ) tip from a user

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    Lightbulb incorrect font printer ( web email client ) tip from a user

    sometime you have incorrect font printed, because of the caching of the font by the host program.

    Gordon sent us a tip to be known if you have such in a situation and printing from internet explorer :

    I found a solution to this problem. It should work for programs that use Internet Explorer settings which probably include all E-mail programs and browsers. There may be another solution but this works. Open Internet Explorer. Click tools and clicked Internet options. Under the general tab at the bottom click accessibility. Then click the square next to Ignore font style specified.
    As long as other fonts are specified for Internet browser it should fix it. Under Font mine are set for Times New Roman for web page Font and Courier new for plain text font. Maybe this can help someone. I like the program now that I figured out the problem.
    Thank you
    Gordon Willoughby

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    Thanks for this. Just a note, should this setting be by default? I mean by the first time that we use this?

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