W3 Total Cache and Amazon S3 Cloudfront CDN

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W3 Total Cache and Amazon S3 Cloudfront CDN

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To optimize your wordpress web site, you should seriously consider W3 Total Cache pluginFirst you need to open the Amazon Account

1) Configure S3
Create a bucketchoose the closest geographic location, and don't forget to turn off logging option.

2 ) Configure CloudFrond Create Distribution

Delivery Method = Download
Logging OFF
select your S3 Bucket
create cnames like


the numbers of cdn and CNAME depends about how complex is your web site, and number of files needing to be downloading to serve a typical pageI suggest to set 4 different max cdn to start.

once you have validated the steps, you will be able to note down the access of the cloudfront distribution, see the screenshot :
http://albums.photoonweb.com/celebrities/2012-05-05_19h07_26.png3 )

update your DNS this procedure depends on your hosting service, but basically you just need to use the previous link exemple :


Here is how it looks when new CNAME have been added in CloudFlare DNS http://albums.photoonweb.com/celebritie ... h19_38.png
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