vso light image resizer 4.0.5 available for free download

previously known as VSO Image Resizer

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vso light image resizer 4.0.5 available for free download

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The attachment lir_big_icon_Capture.jpg is no longer available
here is the newest version of Light Image Resizer 4.0.5

Since we have included a exception catcher, we have collected a lot of reports, some bugs / crashs were unexpected, but the good part is we are sure it is not a very stable version. the remaining issues are really very very rare and seems to be a part of the resize photo library SDK from VSO-Software

the change log :
Light Image Resizer - - Build 2011-04-08
FIX: Annoying "Invalid output format" error fixed that was introduced in
IMPROVED: Error message if destination folder could not be created

Light Image Resizer - - Build 2011-04-06
FIXED: "Invalid pointer operation" on close
FIXED: Preview not working for PSD output

Light Image Resizer - - Build 2011-04-05
FIXED: "EAssertionFailed: FProfile not assigned"
FIXED: Add some missing text to translation

Light Image Resizer - - Build 2011-04-04
FIXED: "Floating point division by zero" when dragging preview
FIXED: Access violation browsing previews
FIXED: Potential access violation on save during processing

Light Image Resizer - - Build 2011-04-01
FIXED: If very first profile was a quick profile, it was not showing up in the context menu
FIXED: Setting "Recreate folder structure on destination" could cause problems in combincation with action "Resize original"
FIXED: Some access violation while processing
FIXED: "Cannot open file" error on launch
FIXED: Don't allow profile name starting with dot, will cause errors when saving

Light Image Resizer - - Build 2011-03-29
FIXED: Resetting to stock profiles could lead to "Invalid pointer operation"
FIXED: "ComponentsToProfile: FProfile not assigned" error when starting to process
FIXED: Error if EDSDK.DLL was missing
FIXED: Access violation on launch
FIXED: Showing preview when creating PDF could lead to access violation
FIXED: "List index out of bounds (-1)" when syncing profiles on launch
FIXED: Don't allow empty profile name

The download Link for this version of LIR ( shortcode for Light Image Resizer ) is always from the page of the software :

http://www.obviousidea.com/windows-soft ... e-resizer/
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