Photolikr - what is the purpose of the project ?

codename project to reinvent the picasa web album interface
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Photolikr - what is the purpose of the project ?

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PhotoLikr is a software plateform ( both a desktop part, and a web part )

the Windows program is useful to do the following :

1 ) review pictures to sort them, rate them, flag them to be deleted in a final safe batch.

you load the folder where your picture roll are, and we support the WIC interface, it means we can load any RAW file if you have the coded for it.
We are meta compliant, so we will rotate the picture correctly.

2) these are the cases you need to delete a picture :

- technical reasons, blurry, exposure completely wrong, wrong framing.
- human reason, you are closing eyes, you don't look good, you are not looking to the camera.
- selection reason, the picture isn't bad, but it is just not the best of the series. Imagine a rafale set of pictures, and you just need one of them, most of the others are the same.

in these case, you don't want to delete pictures, but flag the good and bad one for further processing. like keeping only 50% of the best shoots.

for that you just need to use photolikr and with the keypad you can just "like" a picture with the arrow up key, "hate it" with down key and move to next / previous picture with left and right keys.

if you really like a lot a picture nothing prevent you to hit several times the down key and then you will be able to sort easily the one you want to delete later or the one you just don't like but some other people can prefer.

You could ask why a 5 stars ( 0 to 5 ) wouldn't be a better option ?
well, that's based on the experience, some people have their logical way to sort, some people just dont know how to rate it and most of the time, it is slower to move your digit to select the keys 0 to 5 instead of doing 3 keystrokes up if you want to rate it +3
also, the flexibility of the rating will allow you to sort your sorted pictures. after a while the system will allow you to find back the best pictures, and what would be the difference between different pictures with the top rating of the 5 Stars ?

to be continued