How to buy more space in PhotoOnWeb / How to activate it?

PhotoOnWeb is a software to create personal public or private photo gallery
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How to buy more space in PhotoOnWeb / How to activate it?

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PhotoOnWeb offer you 20 MB space for free, if you need more space you can buy it, actually there is 2 options:

Silver 1 GB: 19.99 €/year
Gold 10 GB: 59.99 €/year

First you have to connect to your account PhotoOnWeband go to “buy more storage space”:
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Click on the link and choose your option:
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price pow.jpg
price pow.jpg (18.57 KiB) Viewed 197223 times

You will be redirected on Avangate web and you can proceed to the payment:
pow avangate us.jpg
pow avangate us.jpg (15.15 KiB) Viewed 197195 times

After the payment completed:
- your account will be updated automatically and you will recieve a confirmation email,
- or you will receive an email with a license code, you have to insert it in the menu “buy more storage space”.
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It's difficult to evaluate the number of pictures you can edit with this space, as an indication:
1 GB should permit you to edit between 5 000 and 10 000 pictures
10 GB should permit you to edit between 50 000 and 100 000 pictures

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I above information would of great help , now onwards I will be using this apps for uploading photos on web. Because of the security issues related with the google apps.

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Just join this forum and really appreciate your work.I too want to share my views.
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