Customize Facebook photo comment with Easy Photo Uploader

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook, a shell extension for Windows to share photo album with Facebook without the need to be connected to the Facebook web site
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Customize Facebook photo comment with Easy Photo Uploader

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Starting with version of Easy Photo Uploader you will be able to customize the comment set for each photo uploaded to Facebook!

Just go to the settings, then select the Misc tab:
photo_comment_1.jpg (11.81 KiB) Viewed 1924 times

Click Edit, and you will be able to enter your custom text, and even add metadata dynamically from each file. These include basic file information (file name, extension, date), but also EXIF and IPTC data embedded in the image. For example, %ExifAuthor% will display your name if it's saved within the image.

A preview shows you how the comment will look for each photo:
photo_comment_2.jpg (11.95 KiB) Viewed 1896 times
This way you can easily display your details, copyright, camera data, and other relevant information next to your uploaded photos!